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Top Tips to Write Localisation-Friendly Source Content

High-quality documentation is not just essential for getting products ready to market and to increase sales, but also for reducing localisation costs. Localisation, the process of adapting your content to a specific market, starts with preparing the source content...

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The Future of Work: Tech Talk

This week, it@cork kicked off its 2017 Tech Talk series at the brand-new Republic of Work facility in Cork city. Republic of Work CEO DC Cahalane clearly took pride in showcasing his latest venture to the local business and tech community. The facility is a...

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Hello World: Writing API Tutorials for Multiple Audiences

As technical writers, we understand where we fit in the world. No one wants to read the manual; they want to use the product. In fact, even that’s not true: often, users just want a certain result. This is especially the case with an application programming interface...

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Strengthening the Technical Writer/SME Relationship

People outside our industry often ask how technical writers write about subjects where we have no specific expertise. The answer is that every writing project is a collaborative effort between a writer and a subject matter expert (SME). Like all products, the final...

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The Art of Saying Less: Minimalism

Everyone is familiar with the information overload experience. Having spent your hard-earned cash on the latest product, perhaps a Smart TV, that promises to transform your life, you switch it on and are presented with a myriad of options, none of which you require....

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