Converting ILT to eLearning

Re-use your existing ILT content to create

cost-effective, high-impact eLearning experiences.

TWi’s eLearning content and instructional design experts help you optimise your training program with bespoke on demand eLearning modules complementing your existing instructor-led training (ILT), lowering your programme costs while raising your learner engagement. 

Converting ILT to eLearning

Adapt your ILT for the new way of learning

Converting your ILT to eLearning optimises your existing content with the dynamic enabled learning of the Digital Age. It is true that research shows people learn best from face-to-face instruction, yet science also reveals that learners forget about 70 percent of what they have learned within 24 hours. In contrast to traditional instruction, hybrid learning provides continuous practice, pushing past these natural limits to memory.   

Our expert instructional designers partner with you to create a bespoke learning programme that augments the work of your instructor-led-training with the formidable powers of digital learning. We develop your already strong content into courses rich with simulated demonstrations, simulated practice, interactive video, animated content, branching scenarios, knowledge checks, and more.  

Learners can then access and review these customised learning experiences repeatedly and on demand. We collaborate with your SMEs and functional business aims to create an optimised training programme that includes eLearning, replacing what was an inevitable erosion of learning with expansive enablement. 

Converting ILT to eLearning

Engage learners fully with holistic, accessible learning experiences

The more your training programme works with the whole person, the greater the learner’s engagement. We recognize the neuroscience supporting a holistic learning experience, responsive to the fact that our physical and mental states are inextricably linked.  

As much as possible, our instructional designers develop your existing content into a training programme with digital learning that engages mind and heart, and so we leverage the powers of curiosity, meaning making, affirmation, and play to generate learner motivation. Our releated design strategies employ narrative, theme, branching scenarios, personalisation, and the principles of positive psychology. 

We are also aware of the science demonstrating a connection between sensory stimulation and neural connectivity, impacting memory and recall, and with embodied learning in mind, we include suitable soundtracks and attractive, thoughtfully selected visuals. We apply this awareness to create memorable lessons informed by Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines [ATAG] for rich, fully engaging enablement. 

Converting ILT to eLearning

Retain employees with increased employee satisfaction

A blended training programme gives you the competitive lead by helping you retain employees through an optimised onboarding experience and ongoing skill development. Blended programmes, rather than stand alone classroom trainings, meet the needs of adult learners by more deeply engaging our naturally active learning processes: situated, continuous, and self-directed.  

Additionally, blended training programmes immediately provide flexibility for individual differences, communicating employee-centered organisational culture. They also emphasise trying over succeeding, contributing to a growth-mindset.  

Finally, eLearning augments classroom training with fast implementation of any content adjustments, providing employees with the most up-to-date information and the power to re-skill and upskill on the job quickly.  We help you make sure employees feel supported, that their points of view matter, that they have the tools they need to perform, that they want to stay. 

TWi’s Converting ILT to eLearning Service

Holistic strategy sessions 

We understand that your training program is more than the content of a particular course. A training programme is connected to all the parts of a business, and we work with you to understand how your individual trainings can be understood in relation to broader organisational needs.  

Rich partnership with SMEs and functional business aims 

Our team of experienced instructional designers will collaborate with your SMEs and functional business aims to develop your already strong content into an optimised enablement tool. Our partnership can help you achieve new performance levels.    

Human-centred design  

We design real solutions for real learners, working with your stakeholders to develop an understanding of your particular learners, uncovering unique pain points and perspectives. With your audience in mind, we deliver a prototype for review and adaptation before full development.  

SMART goals for long-term business impact   

We know that the analysis of a training’s impact should continue long after the learner leaves a classroom or learning experience. We work with you to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timebound goals [SMART] for your blended training programme, and we follow-up in the months after the programme’s launch to evaluate, analyse, and manage the results.  

Reuse your classroom training material to efficiently create on-demand eLearning experiences.

Your existing learning content is an investment that your eLearning lessons can help grow. At TWi, we develop the best of your existing instructor-led training sessions into well designed digital learning experiences, so learners get the best of both worlds.  

If you want to compete in the rapidly changing marketplace, we help you retain your employees and accelerate their training with human-centered, holistic and accessible ondemand eLearning lessons that adapt your learning content toward each individual learner’s situation, experience, ability, and interest. We create observable, measurable learning outcomes that connect your training programme with your business goals.  

We save you time and money by using our efficient eLearning development process to transform your exisiting ILT content into a rich, interactive, multimodal training programme. 

The more able your learners are to access your learning content, the more able they are to work effectively. Our ILT to eLearning conversion gives you the competitive edge in a rapidly changing world.  

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