TWi Shortlisted in 2017 Sockies Social Media Awards

May 9, 2017

Sockies Finalists

We put a lot of thought, time, and care into planning and implementing our social media activities. So, learning that we’ve been selected as finalists in the 2017 Sockies Social Media Awards feels like a great endorsement of that ongoing investment.

TWi is among the ten finalists in two categories for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs):

  • Best Blog of an SME
  • Best Use of Social Media by an SME Medium

We’re particularly pleased to be shortlisted for these awards because as a business-to-business service provider, we naturally don’t have the same visibility as many customer-facing services. And, besides, technical communication is a niche industry – we’ve written before about how it’s not the most widely-recognised profession.

It would be easy to shrink away from social media – it requires a lot of time and energy, and arguably it’s not core to what we do. However, we think it’s worth the effort to build a strong, current online presence, that clearly articulates what we do, and engages our target audiences. And we’re gratified that the Sockies judges agree with us!

Social Media Approach

Our Business Development Manager, Emmet Kearney, outlines the TWi approach to social media:

Having a strong online presence, which obviously includes social media, is very important to us. It helps create trust while serving as a thought leadership outlet.

We use social media to engage with our professional community. Much of the content we share is about illuminating aspects of technical communication. In any industry, it’s important to stay in touch with evolving technologies and methodologies. Through social media we can share snippets of content that our audiences can conveniently access, enabling them keep track of trends, and delve deeper into topics of particular interest.

The volume of information available online can be challenging to navigate. Consequently, many people find it hard identify the most relevant and best quality content without getting overwhelmed. They value thoughtful and careful creation and curation of content. We’ve received feedback from industry peers in Ireland and internationally that the content we produce and share is valuable to them and helps them feel connected.

We’re also conscious of those who aren’t necessarily familiar with technical communication. We try to use our presence to build a wider awareness of the profession and the value we bring. Hopefully, this will increase understanding and encourage more people to consider careers in technical communication.

For us, social media isn’t a separate sphere – it’s a way of integrating and expanding our conversations and activities across different online and real-world locations. This is important to us, as many members of our team work remotely, and we collaborate with clients in diverse locations across the globe.

Social Media Awards

The Sockies awards, established seven years ago, comprehensively addresses social media engagement. This year there are 26 specific categories, as well as another five general categories that are specially selected by a judging panel.

TWi are finalists in the 2017 Sockies Social Media Awards

TWi are finalists in the 2017 Sockies Social Media Awards

With 200 organisations having entered, the finalists include a diverse range of companies, across many industries. The headline sponsor for Sockies 2017 is a youth information website that has won multiple digital media awards. The awards ceremony takes place at the RDS Concert Hall on 25th May.

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