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How we developed an integrated and blended enablement portfolio for K&EU audiences.

SAP needed a flexible team to create training content and to keep it up to date in parallel with continuous software improvements. They needed a partner with sufficient knowledge of their products and the technical skills to create the content.


The tutorials developed by TWi are part of the embedded learning content and are considered a key piece of the SAP Enable Now Framework

Haythem Oueslati
Education Portfolio Manager, SAP


Many SAP customer organisations invest heavily in digital technologies to underpin their business priorities. SAP innovations support these transformations, but can be challenging to understand and adopt. SAP’s task is to ensure successful user adoption across all SAP solutions, powering and securing digital transformation.


The Challenge

Key users and end users (K&EU) are the primary audience for customer organisation adoption. When these users are enabled and productive at an early stage of the solution implementation, adoption greatly increases. Engaged users play a pivotal role in successful digital transformation.

Proper training for business users, not only on how to use the system but also on why the change is necessary and useful, supports positive results. The goal for user adoption is to learn in and through the app while performing a range of tasks. To facilitate this in-app learning, business users need:

        • Access to user-led and any-time learning
        • Interactive tutorials that allow users to click through everyday business scenarios
        • Search options to filter learning content by business role or required task

SAP needed a flexible team to create training content and to keep it up to date in parallel with continuous software improvements. They needed a partner with sufficient knowledge of their products and the technical skills to create the content.


Our Solution

TWi had worked SAP for over five years and had deep knowledge of and skills with SAP products and services. We were brought on board at the initial stage of a pilot project to help SAP design and develop tutorials.

Each tutorial represented a process execution that helps the user to understand and quickly gain experience in how to perform their tasks. Learning content was accessible directly in the system, which provided the user with assistance as needed.

On successful completion of the pilot, TWi was selected to partner with SAP. We provided a flexible team to support:

        • Testing the software to ensure the process worked in the system
        • Highlighting to SMEs any deviations between the system and the process scripts
        • Creating tutorials that not only described the process but added value by providing the user with appropriate contextual information to enhance their experience.
        • Developing and refining the production process as more team members were introduced
        • Developing standards and guidelines to ensure consistency throughout the team as the project grew
        • Onboarding new members by providing tools and process training

Ensuring the tutorials are up to date for the latest releases and assisting in the maintenance of the SAP Enable Now Framework is a central part of this ongoing project, especially as volume has increased. What began as a project with three packages consisting of fewer than 20 tutorials, has grown to a team of eight authors. TWi now produces 150 packages consisting of 1200 tutorials. We continue to offer process improvements and added efficiencies with every release, ensuring the continued success of the project.


The Result

The product is an integrated and blended enablement portfolio for K&EU audiences that supports customer organisations to turn innovations into adoption. The portfolio is structured through a variety of content designed and produced to offer the best learning experience for the end user.

The project has received extremely positive customer feedback. The value of the existing content is highlighted by continuous customer requests for the creation of additional processes.


Key Benefits for SAP

        • A significant amount of internal SME time has been freed up for core activities, such as software development, training, and consulting, resulting in increased efficiency for SAP.
        • Our team scales up and down in accordance with quarterly release cycles and with fluctuations in demand for updates and new content.
        • SAP can hand over a batch of packages for tutorial creation. Our team works directly with the SAP publishing team to ensure the content is available in-app for the next release.
        • TWI is a trusted SAP partner and already familiar with their systems and working styles. This makes communication seamless.
        • Our writers have become experts in the language, style, processes, and the SAP Enable Now tool. We now offer training to internal SAP staff for new solutions.

Key Benefits for SAP customers

        • Users receive fast on-boarding so that they can understand how to navigate, get help, and access everything they need in their roles.
        • Users become productive and see results fast. They learn and improve while they work with the system.
        • Key users can expand their skills and become expert users. As they progress from proficient user to expert user, their knowledge is always up-to-date.
        • SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, and SAP SuccessFactors customers can access content source files using the SAP Enable Now Framework to adapt and customize enablement content.


“In January 2017, TWi began supporting SAP Knowledge and Education with the development of SAP Enable Now Tutorials shipped with SAP Cloud solutions to our customers. The set of tutorials developed by TWi is part of the embedded learning content and it is considered as a key piece of the SAP Enable Now Framework. This framework delivers continuous learning, embedded directly within SAP Cloud solutions, to speed software adoption with contextually relevant training exactly when and where help is needed.

The TWi team, since the beginning, reacted and worked to capture quickly the challenges that represent learning in the cloud and what cloud users expect in terms of quality and pertinence. They bring their experience and capacity to develop with us new approach in embedded learning content development using new standards and guidelines.

We can consider TWi a serious partner on whom we can count to achieve the different challenges we face to establish the embedded learning content as corner stone of the SAP Enable Now Framework offering and in SAP cloud solution adoption by our customers.”

Haythem Oueslati – Education Portfolio Manager

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