Tech products are more than just code and graphics. They tell stories that can connect you to your customers.

Good content solves problems

Speak to the End User

Speak to the end-user

Products and services can be cutting-edge and life-changing, but that’s not worth much if customers can’t use them to full capacity. We help your clients unlock your product’s potential.

Get to the Point

Get to the point

You have mere seconds to show someone how and why they can benefit from what you have to offer. When it comes to telling your product’s story, we make every second count.

Make a Great Experience

Make a great experience

Task-oriented, intuitive, smart UX can make all the difference. Our UX consultants work for your end user while you concentrate on producing the best product possible.

High Standard, Always

High standards always

Internal memoranda, marketing material, process docs, or even notes in your code can be resource sinks. Poor content costs time and money. Good content saves time and makes money.

Believe in your customers

Hard-to-understand content can stand between you and your audience. We find the common threads and weave them into a story that is accessible to, appeals to, and benefits the end user. Your customers want to know what your technology can do for them and how it can improve their lives or businesses. Bringing in experts to make sure their questions are answered shows them they’re important.


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  Believe in your customers
Craft content with the click of a mouse

Craft content with the click of a mouse

Our content experts are tech savvy. We unite code creators, API experts, UX perfectionists, and some of the best writers in the business. Our work with some of the biggest ICT, hardware, and software players in the world gives us the perspective and experience to help you to deliver outstanding results for your end users. Our team can support and augment yours at every stage of a project.


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Tell your own story your own way

Decipher the code

We’ve worked with technology specialists and developers in all sorts of industries. Clients have come to us for support and help for diverse apps and proprietary technology systems, for APIs that were built to take their hardware global, and even for a helping hand with deciphering coders’ notes and creating new, more fit-for-purpose documentation.

Writing for technology is never just about the code. Every line of Python, Java, C, C++, C#, Go, and even PHP can support a rich content ecosystem. That’s why our technical writers aren’t just fluent in these and other coding languages. They can see the whole story that developers want to tell. We help build and craft those stories in ways that end users will appreciate.

Even the most complex code is, at its core, a way to communicate. Whether high-level languages, machine code, or assembly language, every line is an integral part of an effort to connect. And, just as a compiler works as an interpreter between high-level and low-level code, we aim to elevate writing for technology so that it’s perfectly suited to its task.

It may be hard to see the beauty even in well-formed code, but we know how to find it and how to make sure that others can appreciate it too. Compilers work for machines, but we work for the people who use the machines.

Tech needs top-class content

From small updates to massive new projects, good content brings a host of benefits. Whether you need to keep track of a project, tell its story to potential customers or investors, or introduce a new idea to the world, there’s no better way to make a good impression than with good content.

Complete communication with the end user

The user’s needs must come first, whether they’re a medical technician, an engineer, a scientist, an accounts manager, or a consumer who’s always on the lookout for the next big thing. Build your relationship with them by eliminating confusion and inspiring trust.

Accessible documentation for everyone

Instructions for Use (IFU), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and other team-oriented documentation can be a stumbling block when developing or coordinating any project. We make sure you can get it right first time, minimising human error and increasing efficiency.

Results right from the start

We blend seamlessly with our clients’ teams to provide consultancy, guidance, and advocacy for the end user. We boost strengths and work to overcome deficiencies. Whether Agile or Waterfall, we’re just as happy in scrums, sprints, and phases as we are in a boardroom.

Value for you and your customers

Our writers and instructional designers make learning curves less steep. We find the pain points in getting to know your new products or ideas and design our way around them. This brings value to you by saving time and effort for your end users.

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We tell your story

TWi’s technical storytellers know that every aspect of your content can become a valuable part of your message. From code, through coders’ notes, through the subtleties of API documentation, online help, UX writing, or user manuals, our ability to tell our clients’ content stories in intuitive and effective ways sets us apart.

From code, through coders’ notes, through the subtleties of API documentation, online help, UX writing, or user manuals, our ability to tell our clients’ content stories in intuitive and effective ways sets us apart.
Good content can bring your software to life.

Bring your software into the limelight

Good software documentation doesn’t just make developers’ lives easier. Establishing a functional, complementary content system around your software gives it a personality of its own. Every facet of your content, from your tone of voice to the words you use to the facts and figures, works in harmony to produce something more than the sum of its parts. Good content can bring your software to life.

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