SAP Enable Now Content Services

We’re experts in instructional design with deep SAP product knowledge and experience in developing standard SAP Enable Now (SEN) Framework content. Our SEN Quick Start can quickly support all your SEN requirements, without the need for your own in-house SEN team.

Make the most of SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now Consulting

We advise clients on SEN training, implementation, and content development and curation. We can establish your workflows and even design automations.

Digital Adoption Strategy

Blend standard content, modified content, and existing learning content. This improves multi-modality, avoids redundancy, and facilitates maintenance.

Content Development

Achieve positive experiences and faster return on your SAP investment with content to enhance user adoption and reduce end-user support requirements.

Content Maintenance

Quarterly SAP software releases demand new screens, approaches, and functionality. We ensure your content is up to date.

Content Localization

Whether you use SEN’s built-in translation or localize manually, our specialist SEN and Localization teams can manage the process from end to end.

Certified SEN Training

We provide certified SEN training with our partners Olas. We train SEN Authors, Master Authors, Bookpage Specialists, and Documentation Specialists.

Quicker returns on your SAP Enable Now investment

TWi supports your SEN ambitions

Our SEN team has years of experience supporting the SAP Knowledge Transfer & Education team. Our SEN Case Study demonstrates how we can make a big difference for your organisation no matter your SEN requirements. Our team can enhance staffing flexibility at any stage of a SEN project.

SAP Enable Now evolves with you

SEN can be used to adapt existing learning content so that previous investments in time and content generation are not lost. This ensures that your existing content remains available and relevant. We update classroom training material, e-learning coursework for use with a Learning Management System (LMS), knowledge portals, digital libraries, contextual in-app performance support, and more.
SAP Enable Now evolves with you
Renew your SAP Enable Now SEN content cost-effectively

Renew your content cost-effectively

Upgrading, translating, or localizing your SEN content can be a daunting task. No two projects are the same. We explore every option to make sure you get the best solution for you, both in terms of output and of cost. Why pay for what you don’t need? We make sure you can localize and upgrade your content in the most effective and value-driven way.


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Resolve common digital adoption issues

Organisations that implement new cloud-based solutions do so to increase productivity, reduce waste, and save money. We can help you resolve common digital adoption issues.

Mismatched content
Standard training enablement content might not work with your customised system. We can update and upgrade your content to avoid this.
Prohibitive cost

The cost to establish an internal team to develop customised content can be prohibitive. We do the heavy lifting, negating the cost of building your own team.

Delayed application
Employees may seem unable to maximise the software’s potential to deliver business value. We can show them how to make SEN work for them and for you.
Resistance to change
Employee resistance to change can lead to poor end-user adoption. We generate enthusiasm by showing your team how to unlock the benefits of SEN.
Dips in productivity
The extra downtime required for old-fashioned formal training can reduce overall productivity. We ensure a smooth transition and handover, cutting downtime to the absolute minimum.
Lack of learning
Using only standard training models can lead to poor knowledge retention. Our training expertise means we change and adapt to deliver the best results for your team.
Tracking and analysis
It can be tough to know what to look out for when you upgrade to a new system. We work with clients to build models that give a true reflection of their development.
Language barriers
Worldwide changeovers can leave some teams in the dark if learning content is poorly translated or localized. Our professional linguists work in all the world’s major languages.

Upgrade your organisation’s SAP Enable Now abilities



We assess your learning needs to create structured approaches to software adoption.



We develop new, optimised training content built specifically for your needs.



We customize your existing SEN content to make sure it does exactly what you need it to do.



Your pre-existing learning content still has a lot to offer. See how we can import and adapt it.

Talk to us about how we can turn your content into an asset.