Technical Writing

TWi can transform your documentation from a burden to a benefit. Technical writing saves time and money by building efficiency into the core of your business processes.

Perfect your technical documentation to boost your business

User manuals

Even complex products and processes can gain new value from easy-to-use manuals that increase clarity for stakeholders.

API Documentation

Get your apps where they need to be with stylish, functional content that appeals to developers and encourages adoption.

Process documentation

Build end-to-end efficiency into your processes, reducing error and ensuring regulatory requirements are met.

UX Writing

Fine-tune your content in ways that make your clients eager to respond with professional and appealing content that enhances the user experience.

Online Help

Add value to your services and products and instil trust and confidence by making sure the answer to a client’s question is just a click away.

E-learning content

Learn, grow, and develop wherever and whenever suits you best with bespoke learning content that elevates your team and adds value to your business.

How can technical writing help my business?

Better writing adds value

Even challenging processes and concepts can be broken down and described in simple language. We specialise in taking big ideas and making them as easy as possible to understand. The more accessible your content is, the more value it has to your stakeholders, and you’ll impress auditors with impeccably prepared documentation that ticks every box and meets every requirement.

Making good content even better

Our information developers augment your expertise with years of training and experience, meeting your business development and process challenges head-on. We enhance all aspects of your content’s journey, adding value at every step. Good technical documentation increases operational efficiency and reduces human error. The results speak for themselves.


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Ergonomics telecommuting

Content development for business

No matter how large your information output, you and your customers must be able to depend on it. Our technical know-how, our experience with some of the world’s leading multinationals, and our outstanding team offer an effective and reliable solution for all your documentation needs.


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What can technical writing do?

Technical writing enhances clarity and improves all types of content, adding value to your organisation
Improve efficiency

Good writing can make complex processes easier to grasp and significantly reduce process delays. Technical writing can also make it harder to make a mistake. This is especially important if you face an audit.

Improve accuracy

Simplifying how content is structured and indexed makes it quicker and easier to find the information that you need. This increases efficiency within your existing team and flattens the learning curve for new hires.

Improve accessibility

The targeted simplification achievable with technical writing makes content more accessible to people with different needs, such as workers with visual impairment, or to workers and customers who don’t speak or read your language natively.

Improve compliance

We write with regulations and legislation in mind, making sure that rules and guidelines are stated as plainly as possible. This makes them easier to follow and is another important factor for any content which may come before an auditor.

Improve file management

Good technical documentation improves efficiency and accuracy, reduces waste, and facilitates a right-first-time approach. Every step of the file management process can bring down future costs.

Improve customer satisfaction

Technical writing makes it easier for your customers to understand your message, the instructions for use of your products, or even your terms and conditions. It’s a powerful tool for reducing customer frustration and making sure they know they can trust your brand.

Reduce error and deviation

Top-flite technical documentation reduces human error and process deviation. Nobody comes to work intending to do a bad job. ‘Human error’ is really a system error. By removing weak points in your content or documentation chain, we strengthen systems and avoid misunderstanding and process deviation.

Technical Writing benefits your bottom line

technical writing and information design

Information and documentation design

We identify the most important information and craft it so that it speaks most effectively to the end user, turning your content into a premium product.

responsive information design

Custom-built interfaces

We create interfaces that not only work efficiently and intuitively, but also reinforce and build on your brand. Eliminate waste by ensuring your interfaces do exactly what’s needed.

AI and chatbots

Chatbots and intelligent assistants have become an integral part of how we interact with businesses and brands. We can create useful, effective AI software your customers will be glad to use.

technical writing ROI

Business process mapping

Build comprehensive maps of your business processes to identify new opportunities for improvement and plan your journey to the future.

What do technical writers do?

Technical writers benefit your organisation by using the power of content to improve project planning, process management, client interactions, and more.

Eliminate confusing language

We make sure that your content is as straightforward and easy to understand as possible.

Eliminate jargon

Eliminating jargon reduces confusion. We make sure everything is written in plain, easily understood English.

Eliminate bloat and redundancy

Removing illogical or unnecessary language makes content much easier to understand.

Ensure perfect grammar and punctuation

This isn’t just a win for your workers or your customers. It keeps auditors, lawyers, and even search engines happy.

Cut word count and streamline presentation

Tech writers work with content to make it as efficient and compact as it can be, saving time and resources.

Promote usability

Content has no value if it doesn’t do what you need it to do. We make sure it’s always the right tool for the job.

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