Bespoke eLearning content for an engaging,

high-quality learning experience.

TWi’s eLearning content and instructional design experts will help you develop high-quality, bespoke learning experiences that engage your learners and support your business goals.

Instructional Design

Enhance and optimize your learner’s experience

eLearning has never been more important. With the rise in organisations operating hybrid working models and the increase in remote work for both workers and students, organisations need to engage their staff and learners in an efficient and effective manner. 

Powerful and well-designed eLearning content can help your learners to easily acquire and retain knowledge, by allowing them to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere. This helps learners to quickly become proficient, optimise their learning, and have a better experience.  

Such eLearning experiences can also be used to complement instructor-led training, providing even better outcomes for the learner than instructor-led training alone.

Instructional Design

Cover all aspects with our end-to-end process

To create innovative bespoke eLearning content and learning experiences that meet your business needs, whatever they may be, we have a robust eLearning content development process with a focus on innovation, quality, and efficiency. 

We can work with you to take your project from start to finish, incorporating aspects such as content strategy, instructional design, eLearning content creation, translation and localization, publishing, and delivery. We can also provide a robust follow-on maintenance process to keep your eLearning content up to date. 

Our collective expertise across the areas of technical writing, content strategy, instructional design, eLearning, and translation and localization means that we have the right people with the right skills and tool knowledge to suit your specific needs. 

eLearning Content

Optimise eLearning content quality

We know that quality is important to you and your learners, so as part of our eLearning content development process, we include an extensive quality and review process without increasing costs. Our eLearning content goes through several rounds of review, such as: 


  • Self-review by the module creator  
  • Peer-review by another instructional designer 
  • QA review
  • Client review 
      eLearning Content

      Launch new hires onto an engaging onboarding journey

      Your employee onboarding program is an opportunity to make a good first impression on your new employees. A well-crafted onboarding experience offers multiple benefits. It improves employee retention and engagement, increases compliance, and raises productivity. 

      We can work closely with you to provide your new employees with an exceptional onboarding experience that boosts their morale and offers a warm introduction to the company. With the right onboarding experience, your employees will quickly imbibe company culture and gain the necessary information and tools to get up to speed. 

      Instructional Design

      Master software with effective training

      Effective software training is essential to boost user adoption, ensure optimal software utilisation, and reduce inefficiencies. Poor user adoption of software is often linked to poor training. Our team of technical experts and learning designers can help you implement software training across your organisation. Since employees at various levels have different knowledge and performance gaps, our training will be customisable for different user profiles.  

      Our software training options include simulations, how-to instructional video tutorials, and just-in-time performance support aids. We can show you how to apply the right kind of software training for your specific needs. With regular software updates being the norm, we can also offer a robust training maintenance plan that will take care of future software updates.

      eLearning Content

      Raise compliance with behavioural-change training

      No matter what industry your organisation belongs to, it is critical that your employees comply with regulations and policies mandated by the organisation, the industry, and the government. At TWi, we see compliance training as an opportunity to enable employees to be safer and more productive, rather than a mere legal formality.  

      Compliance training programs run the risk of being boring, abstract, and overwhelming. But we understand that training succeeds only when employees are motivated and can change their actual behaviour on the job to ensure compliance. We can offer behaviour-based compliance training, covering a range of subjects, to generate real, measurable benefits for you.

      TWi’s eLearning Services

      Engaging and interactive corporate eLearning

      We can support you to meet your organisational training needs by offering highly engaging and interactive eLearning solutions. Our activities and interactive elements are based on sound instructional design and are meaningful and effective.

      Learning through video

      Video is, without doubt, the most popular digital learning tool. Videos help learners retain a lot more information than any other medium. We can use videos to tell your story and spread your message to learners. Whiteboard animations, screencast videos, and motion graphics are some of the video formats that we work with.

      Sound instructional design

      Our team of experienced instructional designers are proficient in established instructional design theories and principles. We can create training content for you after a thorough training needs analysis. Our solutions can help you meet your learning objectives and bridge the performance gaps of your organisation.

      Support instructor-led training

      We can help trainers deliver outstanding training content in a physical or virtual setting by designing personalised learning experiences for the target audience. We can help you with custom presentation decks, learner and facilitator guides, quick reference guides, and job aids.

      Bespoke eLearning content for an engaging, high-quality learning experience.

      Your business and learning requirements are unique, so the eLearning content you develop should be too. At TWi, we believe in creating bespoke learning experiences that are tailored to reflect your values, brand, and goals. 

      Whether you need eLearning content to support user adoption of a new product or service, to onboard new employees, or to create efficiency, we can guide you through the process seamlessly, and strategically align your eLearning content to your learning and development strategy. 

      We strive to create learning experiences that your learners enjoy and are motivated by. Our eLearning content development team is made up of highly trained and experienced designers, learning innovators, project managers, and reviewers. Our eLearning content development team are experts in creating engaging, interactive, accessible, and high-quality learning experiences that help your learners to not only learn but retain what is important to you.

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