Global Marketing Translation

Translation on target and on demand.

TWI’s marketing translation and transcreation experts will help you kickstart your global campaign with flawless multilingual content that truly engages your customers and sells your brand.

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Good translation boosts your global presence

Acknowledging your potential customers’ own language and culture is a vital first step to gaining their trust, their business, and their loyalty. From international trade fair brochures to grassroots social media campaigns, multimedia advertising to product webinars, your global marketing content must be impeccably on-message wherever in the world it lands.

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Our translators capture your distinctive voice

Literal translation will merely convey the basic meaning of your content. The linguistic creativity and nuance that are the essence of successful marketing calls for a more bespoke approach. Professional translators channel their commercial know-how and linguistic prowess to reinvent your multilingual marketing content without losing its essential sparkle or misrepresenting your brand’s singular image.

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Transcreation: different markets, one consistent brand

What works for one market won’t necessarily work for another. Transcreation takes translation a stage further to account for cultural gaps and emotional differences between your existing customer base and your target markets. This highly specialised branch of translation calls for skill, sensitivity, flexibility, and the imagination to adapt original marketing content so that it has a similar impact on very different audiences and triggers the same positive emotional response.

TWi’s Global Marketing Translation Service

Marketing collateral and sales support

Brochures, flyers, pull-ups, white papers, case studies. From eye-catching trade show leaflets to hard-hitting conference presentations, we supply compelling translations that convey the spirit and substance of the original.

Multilingual audio and video

Webinars, video captions, video subtitles. Our skilled transcreation experts adapt YouTube videos, multimedia ad campaigns, and product webinars to communicate clearly and meaningfully with diverse audiences.

Social media

Blog posts, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn pages, infographics. The best way to connect with today’s savvy social networkers is through made-to-measure localized content in a style that’s familiar, entertaining, and relevant.

Brand credibility

Our experienced translators use their creative skills to replicate the style, tone, and originality of the source. This proves to your international customers that you value their business and establishes credibility for your brand in global markets.

Translation on target and on demand

You don’t have to be a big player to build a successful global brand. TWI’s global marketing translation service caters for a wide range of marketing targets, from niche to transnational. Maybe you intend to test the response to your product on the international trade fair circuit before taking the leap. Maybe you want to expand your online customer base with some selective social media campaigns in different countries. Maybe you already have a thriving international presence and your sights are set on wider horizons.

Whatever your aims, our expert translators will ensure that your brand is presented accurately and effectively across all borders. We use native linguists to create multilingual marketing content that reads naturally and fluently and speaks to your international customers in terms they understand.

Whether your marketing approach is dynamic and hard-hitting or sophisticated and subtle, our transcreation service enables you to reach out to new customers in a voice that is consistent with your brand image yet tailored to appeal specifically to individual markets.

We also provide website translation as a separate service, which can be paired with marketing translation for a more extensive global campaign.

Talk to us about how TWi can turn your content into an asset.

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