Localization Management

Lightening the Localization Load

TWi’s Localization Management offering provides a suite of value-added services designed to support and refine the core translation process.

Relieving Project Management Pressure

Relieve the pressure on your own resources by entrusting your content localization needs to our professional project management service. We can steer your end-to-end translation workflow, including advising on technology, analysing and preparing source content, scheduling and status reporting, anticipating and resolving issues, and overseeing project quality.

Multilingual Quality Management

One of the biggest challenges of outsourcing content translation is knowing how to judge the quality of the result, especially when localizing into multiple languages beyond your in-house team’s expertise. Our quality review service assesses the deliverables from your language provider to ensure compliance with agreed quality standards and produce language-specific benchmarking reports. Alongside accuracy, consistency of terminology, and adherence to project-specific instructions, our linguists will check for style, register, and intent.

Localization Strategy and Query Management

Effective query management is a vital part of an agile localization strategy. Ambiguous meanings and confusing cultural references can be resolved effortlessly and proactively through coordinated interaction between content developer and translator. We can create a centralised online query database that is shared with all translators across all language pairs to build expertise and consistency over the project’s lifetime.

Terminology That’s Fit for Purpose

Use of incorrect or inappropriate terminology is one of the main warning signs of a poor or careless translation that’s ultimately unfit for purpose. We will identify and define the terms that are key to a client’s product or brand identity, then translate each one in a way that ensures consistency across all translated content, from UI to marketing collateral.

Streamlined Language Asset Management

Keeping on top of glossaries, style guides, translation memories, query databases, and project instruction kits across multiple language pairs is challenging and time-consuming. Our tailor-made service covers designing, creating, and maintaining centralised project-specific language assets to ensure they are consistent, professional, and fully transferable.

TWi’s Localization Management Service

Flexibility comes as standard

Our modular service offers a range of standalone options. This allows you to pick and choose the best fit for your particular project needs, or to opt for the convenience of our integrated end-to-end service.

Choose your own resources

We can apply our project management and quality assessment skills to existing translated content, giving you the freedom to choose your own translation resources. Raw machine translation in particular needs human expertise to take it from serviceable to exceptional.

Centralised localization management

Centralising localization management functions under a single point of contact streamlines workflow, consolidates query management, reduces errors, and ensures delivery on time and on budget.

Free up in-house resources

Having your language management assets in safe and experienced hands frees up your in-house resources and gives you peace of mind to focus on non-project management tasks.

Lightening the Localization Load

At TWi, we know from long experience that even the most seemingly straightforward multilingual project has its pressure points. These typically occur somewhere between writing the source content and producing the finished translation, when many disparate elements compete for attention. Keeping on top of quality, coordinating workflow, resolving queries, fine-tuning a brand image, and dealing with unforeseen problems, all with one eye on cost and deadlines, can overstretch your in-house resources and seriously jeopardise the result.

Our solution is to provide one central point of contact to coordinate all the moving parts of a complex localization project. This not only maximises efficiency, reduces errors, and avoids duplication of tasks, but also helps the project to stay on course and on budget. Our purpose-built localization management service is designed as a fully flexible modular offering. Clients can pick and choose from a suite of sub-services that complement and add value to the basic translation process. These sub-services can be packaged as part of our own content creation and translation services or applied individually or collectively to existing translated content.


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