Software Localization

International credibility at your fingertips.

TWi handles all your software localization and internationalization needs as part of our end-to-end translation and localization service.

Increase your impact in international markets

Software localization involves adapting a software product or application to the different linguistic, cultural, legal, or technical requirements of a given target market. It calls for specialist skills and a deep understanding of what it takes for localized software to compete successfully with home-grown software in global markets.

Ensure your code is internationalized by design

Localization takes into account factors such as currencies and units of measurement, visuals and graphics, variables and placeholders, date, time, and address formats, and regulatory requirements.
It also covers the translation and adaptation of supporting user documentation. The goal is to ensure that international users have all the information they need to make best use of the software, as well as experiencing the same look and feel as the source.

Enhance your end-user experience

Our highly experienced translators work with the latest localization tools to produce translated content that not only flows naturally for your chosen target market but also conveys your brand’s distinct identity to culturally diverse end-users. The result is software that breaks down the barriers to potential international customers and helps your brand to shine in a crowded global market. 

TWi’s Software Localization and Internationalization Service

Internationalization testing

We test the software to identify and resolve issues such as separating code from text, avoiding concatenated strings, opting for a responsive, adaptable design, or restructuring the text to unlock the benefits of machine translation.

Terminology management

Good terminology management provides the building blocks for your localized software. Identifying, translating, and approving key terminology up front reduces costs, improves clarity and consistency, and optimises the output from translation software.

Query management

Software strings can be tricky to translate out of context, especially dynamic content such as variables. Our collaborative query management process helps establish this vital context and ensure accurate translations designed to optimise your end-user’s experience.

In-context review

Before releasing the software, our linguists assume the role of end-user, mindful of what is required to create the best possible user experience: clear, concise, intuitive content that makes your software easier to use and significantly reduces ongoing support costs.

International credibility at your fingertips

We help you make a good first impression on the global stage with multilingual software that showcases your brand’s international credibility.

Professionally localized software not only eliminates cultural insensitivity or confusion that could damage your brand, but also ensures a consistent and distinct voice. Our expert translators are adept at communicating your product’s unique personality across the language barrier.

We save you time and money by identifying and resolving common internationalization issues prior to translation. The more localization friendly your software, the greater your return on investment in terms of timelines, budget, and end-user satisfaction. Our specialist software localization and internationalization service delivers faster onboarding times, eases pressure on multilingual technical support teams, and frees up your in-house resources.

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