Website Translation

Making an international impact.

Website localization and translation ensure your multilingual terminology is appealing and consistent, cultural references are meaningful and respectful, and your brand’s style and personality connect with your international clients.

Website localization welcomes visitors

Many of your future customers will gain that vital first impression of your brand from your website. Whether they stay to explore or swiftly lose interest will depend on how easily and enthusiastically they interact with the site from the start. Research shows that international customers are deterred by content exclusively in English. To keep them engaged, the new-language site must have the same impact as the original.

Website translation takes your message to a new level

Website translation is a highly specialised process that goes both beyond and beneath the surface text to encompass functionality and metacontent. Poorly translated content will damage the user-friendliness of your site, at best frustrating your visitors, at worst losing their custom altogether. Inconsistent menus, confusing navigation, and badly repurposed infographics are just some of the common problems that take time, money, and effort to put right.

Global brand, local appeal

The first challenge for companies looking to enter or expand their presence in the global market is to create multilingual content that’s fit for purpose, whatever the application. Your new-language website must also be culturally appropriate. This term embraces a spectrum of potential pitfalls, from plain incomprehension to unintentional offence. Your global reputation hangs on how credibly and considerately you get your core message across to diverse cultures and communities.

TWi’s Website Translation and Localization Service

Flexibility comes as standard

Our modular service offers a range of standalone options. This allows you to pick and choose the best fit for your particular project needs, or to opt for the convenience of our integrated end-to-end service.

Establish key terminology

We create a glossary of approved industry-specific terms in the required target languages. We use only native-speaking translators with subject matter expertise to ensure consistency and suitability of key terminology.

Website localization and SEO testing

We research and localize existing keywords to drive traffic to the new-language website. The localized keywords are tested by our in-country SEO experts to identify the best-performing terms for the target market.

In-context review

This vital step ensures your translated content displays correctly in context before the site goes live. It typically involves checking for issues relating to image sizing, menu and button text placement, and the overall look and feel of each page.

Making an international impact

A professionally translated website allows you to enter new markets with confidence, promotes your global credibility, and enables you to compete on equal footing with in-country competitors.

We use native translators and leading-edge software to make your website content available in multiple languages with the same clarity, accuracy, and effectiveness as the original.

We combine the talents of professionally qualified linguists and SEO specialists with experience in a wide variety of industries to enhance online visibility and ensure higher search rankings. Our localization process ensures that your new-language site is optimised specifically for local search engines. In many parts of the world, Google is not the market leader.

Getting your multilingual website content right from the start will pay dividends: you’ll save time and money, strengthen your brand identity, and your global partners will feel valued.

Talk to us about how TWi can turn your content into an asset.

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