TWi was founded on the principle that “It’s About People”. Whether we’re engaging with charity partners, contributing to our community, learning new ways to protect the environment, or even joining international fights against disease, we’re proud to help people whenever and wherever we can.

We want to make a difference



As part of our founding principle of corporate social responsibility, TWi is prepared to support any initiative that we feel can make a positive difference.



We may spend our time doing lots of “brain work” but we’re never afraid to get our hands dirty.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

As communicators, we’re well placed to further understanding and trust. Whenever we have an opportunity to do so, we lead by example.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

As an integral part of our community, we find joy and inspiration in mutual respect for our distinctive histories, social outlooks, identities, and needs.

Helping is part of our DNA

We partner with charities that share our desire to make a difference. Our charity partners Pieta House and Simon Community operate nationally in Ireland. This is important to us because so many of us work remotely. No matter where we’re based, we can make a difference with their help. TWi covers costs and also matches any donations made by team members, doubling the amount our team can raise.

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Community - Helping is part of our DNA
TWi community volunteers

Volunteers sought…and found

We directly donate time and expertise. Volunteering ranges from advising on marketing strategies, to helping to craft policy documents, to a hands-on approach where TWi team members work together on the upkeep of our partners’ facilities, grounds, and buildings. We spend so much of our time working with words and concepts that it’s great to be able to roll up our sleeves and get involved.


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International collaboration and using words to save lives

Technical writers doing their part

A recent volunteer initiative saw us partnering with Tech Writers Without Borders, an international organisation that provides professional technical writing expertise to not-for-profits. TWi developed and launched several chatbots to support the effort.

These AI assistants were designed to connect not-for-profit COVID-19 initiatives with tech writers who could volunteer their time to aid the worldwide fight against the spread of the disease in 2020. The TWi team project managed and coordinated this effort.

As well as working on documentation themselves, team members gave their own time to link volunteers with organisations or initiatives where they could do most good.


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It’s About People

Our approach to corporate social responsibility reflects our principles. Our very first motto as a company was “It’s About People” and though we may have grown and developed since the early days, we’ve never lost sight of that fundamental proposition.

Contribute locally

We employ local staff and buy from local vendors wherever possible, covering everything from groceries and office supplies to IT hardware, services, and infrastructure.

Support the vulnerable

We reach out to the homeless, the sick, and the disenfranchised with our charity partners and locally whenever we can.

Evangelise for equality

We’re part of a diverse, multicultural community that represents a broad cross-section of economic, educational, and religious backgrounds. Everyone deserves equal respect.

Advance opportunities

Helping others to make their mark and make a profit will lead to a better life for everyone in the long run. If it’s good for our neighbours, it’s good for us.

Protect the environment

We take inspiration from our responsibility to make eco-conscious choices and to preserve and enhance the world for future generations.

Build the future

We engage commercially and politically to draw attention to our area so it continues to grow its reputation nationally. This will advance the local economy in generations to come.

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Community begins at home

The inclusive and varied community in our hometown of Carrigaline brings a wide range of perspectives, needs, and concerns to our doorstep. Being open to the points of view and expectations of our neighbours is a vital part of our mission to empower people. Everybody has something to give. Sharing our successes with those around us is one of the most rewarding things we do as an organisation.

Community - TWi volunteers work together
TWi Community

Equal opportunities and equal respect

TWi is and always will be an equal opportunities employer. We value everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs, age, or disability.