Effortless website localization to support expansion into Europe.


How we helped Softworks achieve their goal of expanding into new markets.

When Softworks took the decision to expand into the German and Italian markets, they looked for a partner with a similar reputation and complementary values to help them engage seamlessly and effectively with this promising new customer base.


Softworks now generate 95% of its Italian market leads and 50% of its German market leads through its localized website.


The importance of launching into untapped markets with credibility and confidence right from the start was not lost on Softworks.

Their primary concern was to create new language versions of their digital presence that offered German and Italian speakers the same user experience as their existing English-speaking customers.

The brief was to create completely standalone versions of the English website that would mimic the theme, layout, and functionality of the original. 

Softworks were very aware that website translation involves more than simply translating the content of individual web pages – that it is about creating a tailored experience that resonates with the target market, making it easier for customers to engage and buy.


  • Project Plan
  • Technical Configuration Expertise
  • Translator Selection Process
  • Glossary Creation
  • International SEO
  • Translated Content – Technical Implementation
  • Quality Assurance and In-context Review
  • Go-live and Beyond

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