Intelligent Information for Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies are transforming how we create and consume information. We’re experts at creating intelligent information that is ready for the future.

How smart is smart enough?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From chatbots to virtual assistants, AI is the heart of modern business. We make it work for you, saving money and increasing productivity.

Machine Learning

Identifying data patterns and turning them into useful models is where modern software shines. Tomorrow's machines learn. We teach them.

Internet of Things (IOT)

The future of the internet isn’t just phones and laptops. The future is interconnected. Harness the internet of things.

What is intelligent information? Intelligent information is reponsive content that adapts to your needs.

Smart systems need smart content

Traditional linear documentation is rarely used anymore. When was the last time you flicked through a long-form manual or guide to find out something? Users expect the information they want, when they want it, at the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen. They want responsive content that personalises their user experience. Intelligent information for emerging technologies creates content that adapts itself to users’ needs.

Your customers deserve the personal touch

Users expect their content to be contextual, to know something about who they are, and to relate to content they’ve already consumed. Intelligent information has depth. It’s written using special authoring tools that store metadata alongside the content. This enables more personalised and valuable information exchange that makes clients feel like your products and services respond to them personally.


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Emerging technologies hologram and augmented reality

Intelligent content creates great user experiences

Hardware and code are only two facets of intelligent technology. The business strategy behind the technology and the message or training required to ensure user adoption are just as vital. Great content is vital. It must work with technology to create great user experiences and generate trust. Without that content, user adoption rates drop, projected ROI doesn’t materialise, and projects fail.


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Make your content the star of the show

AI can train your content to change and adapt. With the right authoring, your content will automatically respond to how, where, when, and why it is being consumed, as well as to who’s consuming it. We know how to get the most out of smart technology.

Build a viable use case

Before adopting new technologies, it’s important to align them with your business goals. We help you to choose the most feasible use cases based on existing metrics, to provide a solid, measurable return on investment.

Develop a content strategy

We make sure your product is effectively integrated into a wider content strategy that always keeps the end user as the focus. This helps you to get it right first time, to build trust with the user, and meet user adoption targets.

Choose the right tools

Choosing the tool can be a project in itself. Do you need a chat bot, or would a contextual menu work better? Could a voice assistant work for you? Our information developers help you to chart the best course for your business so you can be sure that your users have the best experience possible.

Design the engagement

We understand the nuances of designing conversation flows for chatbots and voice assistants. We ensure they engage with the user in the right way to provide high user adoption rates. This is a specialised field in which few developers have much experience, but one where we excel.

Make microcontent

The more tailored content is to a user, the shorter it becomes. Every word must be considered and constructive. There’s no room for wasted effort. We make sure every word counts, tailoring your microcontent until your smart tech forms the perfect link between your clients and your business.

The future is intelligent

operational efficiency

Content for workers

Can you imagine augmented reality that guides a technician through a process in real time, tailored to their task and the problems they must solve? We already have.

Content for customers

Improve users’ experiences with intelligent information such as chatbots that make game-changing efficiency gains while responding to your clients’ needs.

Content Strategy for emerging technologies

Content for today

We integrate your products and services into a strategy that focuses on the end user. This helps you get it right first time, build trust, and meet user adoption targets.

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Content for tomorrow

It can be difficult to figure out the best way to integrate smart tech with existing content or business models, but the initial effort pays dividends far into the future.

Make your own future

We can determine the best use case for your content, design the optimal flow for the best user experience, and help you achieve a reliable return on your smart-tech investment. Drive your business into pole position in the race for tomorrow. 

Stay ahead of the curve

Our writers constantly upskill and retrain, always with one eye on the next big thing. Reduce your training costs by benefiting from our knowledge of what’s yet to come.

Become the early adopter

Missing out on an important opportunity will set any business back. Showcase your acumen and foresight by becoming fluent in the language of tomorrow, today.

Bring your clients with you

Become your clients’ go-to resource for the best of what’s yet to come and show them they’re at the heart of your plans by making technology work for them.

Speak to tomorrow’s clients

We can future-proof your content for the next generation of consumers, even if you’re not yet ready to adopt new technologies. Planning ahead to position your business in tomorrow’s marketplace.

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Let us transform your content into intelligent information for emerging technologies

We can help your business navigate and harness new technology and adapt it to your needs. We can work with you to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity, and performance. Prepare now to exploit the potential of next-gen smart information and avoid low adoption and an uphill struggle by the time the market forces your hand.

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