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In the dynamic environment of the tech-comm industry, TWi has always been focused on the future. Knowledge sharing is part of our culture and our commitment to move the industry forward. We share the insights we gain from our research and experiences.


Our insights offer views on diverse subjects from our in-house experts and select contributors. We regularly update this resource with thought-provoking articles and news items of interest to those working at the cutting edge of the tech-comm revolution.

Industry Impact

TWi Resources show the impact TWi makes in industries from pharma and medical technology to software and emerging technologies. We are leaders in tech-comm, developing methods, strategies, and ideas about how to make content work better.

Pharma and medtech content challenges

Browse our insights to read what our subject specialists have to say about the latest industry developments.

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Our insights and project stories showcase practical solutions that can help you navigate the fast-moving world of new technology and stay ahead of the competition.

Committed to advancing global research

By combining our own expertise with the complementary expertise of our partners, we can help to drive our industry forward through knowledge sharing.

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Our team’s skills, expertise, and opinions help to raise our profile and keep our voice in the industry fresh and relevant.

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Technical writers work with content to make it as efficient and compact as it can be, saving time and resources.

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Content has no value if it doesn’t do what you need it to do. We make sure it’s always the right tool for the job.

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