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Dealing with your regulatory and process documentation can slow you down or divert resources that could be better used elsewhere. TWi provides high-value biopharma, pharma, and medtech documentation for the life sciences industry.

Lightening the load for life sciences documentation

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Content for compliance

We help you optimise your content so that compliance and ease of appraisal are built into your documentation from the start, for a right-first-time culture that pays dividends.

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Content for control

Our information development and content strategies provide cost-effective, reliable ways to maintain high standards and deliver your message clearly and quickly.

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Content for communication

Simple, effective, powerful content helps your customers to get the most out of your products, strengthens their trust in your brand, and reduces user error.

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Content for change

We empower our clients to bring their ideas to life, enriching their content with proven methodologies and an easy-going, flexible approach that evolves with their needs.

We speak your language

Accurate, dependable, functional documentation is at the heart of a rich and effective content ecosystem. Whether you’re a leading multinational biopharma producer, or among the one-in-four end users who have a problem reading and understanding potentially life-saving documentation, we can show you how to focus clearly on your target audience.

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Ticking the compliance boxes

Medical Device Regulation (MDR), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, internal requirements, and more are facts of life for any life sciences business. Clear, unambiguous, concise content can not only ensure that your processes and documentation chains are fully compliant, but also make it easier for regulators and auditors to see that you’re ticking all the boxes.


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Biopharma, pharma, and medtech documentation

Confidentiality and security guaranteed

Life sciences are among the leading consumers and producers of data worldwide. There are few industries where complete, correct, compliant, easy-to-use content is so vital. Inaccurate, poorly written, or hard-to-follow documentation can waste time and money, reduce end user satisfaction, fall foul of regulatory authorities, and even cost lives. Our ISO 27001 Certification is your guarantee that TWi is dedicated to client confidentiality and information security. While we don’t discuss individual life sciences projects, the TWi Clients page will give you an idea of just how broad our service offering is.


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Content solutions made to measure

In the marketplace of ideas, content is currency. Our core mission is to empower our clients to achieve the gold standard across their entire documentation portfolio.

Flexible, scalable support

Our life sciences documentation and information design services are flexible and fully scalable to support your plans and future projects.

Intuitive and high-value

Life sciences companies around the globe value our ability to produce high-value, robust, intuitive content for internal and external use.

Focus on the end user

Your customers need to feel safe and cared for and to have faith in your products. We help you keep your end user in the frame.

Versatile and adaptable

We work wherever and whenever is best for you. Whether you need bold changes or incremental improvements, we can adapt to your pace.

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Boost your by-product benefits

Efficiency is one of the most valuable by-products of top-class content. Eliminating ambiguity and confusion allows you to be sure that every facet of your documentation, whether Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) documentation, or process playbooks, performs to its full capacity.

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writing for life sciences

Boost your brand and your industry

While we’re fluent in SOPs, CAPAs, NCRs, and every other aspect of your content, we know that life sciences documentation is about far more than just toeing the FDA line or providing an impeccable document chain for an auditor to appreciate. In a field this dynamic and pervasive, getting the right message out to as broad a base as possible can be a major boost for your brand, your industry, and the common good.