Translation and Review

Translation: Your Route to Expansion.

TWi’s translation and review service combines human creativity and leading-edge technology to support your drive for multilingual content that’s as great as the original.

translation and review

Translation Services Boost Your Global Profile

Our translation and review service brings together human flair and software efficiency to transcend the barriers of language and culture. We help you create multilingual content that’s fully compatible with your brand and gives the same positive experience. Content that reads naturally and is easy to assimilate in the target language not only boosts your global profile but also shows your international customers that you mean business.

Translation and Review

Your Content Transformed by Native Speakers

The ability to create exemplary multilingual content that reads as if written by native speakers is the benchmark of any successful translation service. Our highly trained in-country translators speak more than 50 of the world’s major languages and are always native in their target language. Our expertise includes

  • Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Life Sciences/Pharma
  • Press/Publishing/Media
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Creative Input from Talented Writers

Experience, linguistic prowess, and imagination are vital for communicating distinctive source content. Creative translation reaches beyond correct meaning and terminology to encompass elements such as literary style, register, cultural tradition, emotional response, and effect. We use talented copywriters as part of our translation and review team to ensure your new-language content has the same creative punch as the original.

Translation and Review 2

Expert Proofreaders Deliver Accurate Results

Professional proofreading ensures your translated content is free from grammar and spelling errors, flows naturally, and accurately reflects the meaning of the source. Our experienced readers can also check for adherence to product-specific instructions, glossaries, and style guides. We can deliver a fully proofed final document that’s ready for publication, or a QA report listing suggested changes to be made by the original translator.

translation and review

Adding the Human Touch to Machine Translation

Machine translation has its uses, especially when budgets and deadlines are tight, but it also has its limits. This automated process uses computer software to render word-for-word equivalents, but it can’t reproduce the many nuances of meaning or replace the human eye for detail. Post-editing uses professional translators to correct and improve machine-generated translation to meet an agreed level of quality. This service is particularly useful for large volumes of content and fast turnarounds.

translation and review

Adapting for English Variants

Not all translation projects involve different language pairs. English speakers around the world may share a common language base, but their cultural differences, punctuation, spelling, and even word order are surprisingly diverse. Using the right local variant allows you to address your Anglophone markets and customers on their own terms. We can adapt your content to and from eight English language variants: UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, and South Africa.

TWi’s Website Translation and Localization Service

Quality focus

We work exclusively with professional in-country translators with third-level qualifications in translation and a proven track record. Quality is our watchword.

Flexibility comes as standard

We combine human translator skills with the latest technology to offer a flexible range of services that can be tailored to a range of budgets and timescales.

Expert talent

We work with subject matter experts, journalists, copywriters, and proofreaders to provide publication-ready content that will represent your brand faithfully and compellingly.

Unwavering commitment

Our love of language shines through everything we do. From fashion magazines to financial reports, every project receives the same unwavering commitment to quality.

Translation: Your Route to Expansion

Recent advances in Machine Translation (MT) have gone a long way to demystify the translation process and encouraged many expansion-minded businesses to dip their toe in previously uncharted international waters. Yet MT is one small part of an immensely subtle and diverse art that calls for the specialist skills and expertise that only a professional linguist can supply.

The task of the translator is to replicate the style, sense, and impact of the source content. The art lies in knowing how to convey the essence of the original in a way that speakers of the target language will understand and engage with, based on their own cultural experience and background.

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