Technical Writing Training

Writing is such an integral part of our daily lives that sometimes it’s easy to forget what it really is: writing is technology. It’s a tool humans invented to make impossible things possible. Like any tool, it takes practice and training to use it well.

Courses designed for life sciences and technology

Our open-access technical writing courses are tailored to the interests and concerns of today’s tech-comm industry professionals.

Life Sciences

Our Writing for Life Sciences training courses cover Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPAs) and Nonconformance Reports (NCRs).


Our Writing for Technology training courses include in-depth explorations of Application Programming Interface (API) documentation and online help.

Who can benefit from a technical writing training course? The short answer is “everybody”.

Technical writing for life sciences and software

Our courses are optimised for people who work in the life sciences and technology sectors, but they are open to all. Life sciences and tech require precision and efficiency. Showing those qualities in your writing will make you stand out. The same diligence and skills are a big plus to employers in other sectors too. Writing ability is a selling point in any job.
technical writing training online

How does my business benefit?

Trained writers produce content that can reduce service calls, reduce human error, and enhance your brand. When technical writing skills spread throughout an organisation, you can expect increases in efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction, reductions in waste, and a right-first-time culture that reduces churn. Well ordered, reliable content also aids auditing and regulatory compliance.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Probably the best two-day course I’ve been on. Extremely well run, packed with info. Tutors were engaging without making it seem forced. The lessons on grammar were amazing. The information was perfect for our needs, delivered by instructors who clearly had lots of knowledge. I loved it, thank you!

Aoife Barron, Senior Bioprocessing Trainer

National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and and Training

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Learn how to write great content


Avoid confusion and increase efficiency by learning to communicate with precision, purpose, and clarity.


Make complex life sciences, biopharma, software, and business documentation short, snappy, and stylish.


Hone your information gathering and fact checking skills so others can rely on your content to be right first time.


Client trust can suffer if your documentation varies in style and presentation. We show you how to find your voice and stick with it.


We demonstrate techniques that ensure you include everything your end user needs to get the most from your content.


Our expert trainers show you how to satisfy tech and life sciences regulatory requirements by ticking all the right boxes.

nps score

The results speak for themselves

We gather detailed information on customer satisfaction immediately after every course, using an international standard called a Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS scale goes from -100 to +100. The average score is +32. Anything above +70 is considered to be “excellent”. Our average score is customarily above +80 and we regularly achieve perfect scores of +100.


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Technical writing training made easy
We offer a range of training options, all aimed at making learning easy and fun. Our two most popular options are our bespoke customised courses and our open delivery courses.
Courses built to order

Our customised, bespoke courses are delivered online over two half-days and are built cooperatively around an organisation’s specific needs. 

Practical content skills

Our trainers use an organisation’s own documents, such as CAPAs or NCRs, to encourage science/tech specialists to improve their ability to contribute.

Taking one for the team

Cooperative exercises strengthen teamwork, reward collaboration, and solve practical challenges in a fun, interactive way. 

Tailored to your targets

We can devise a training programme fully customised to your desired outcomes, from upskilling your content writers to adding style to your marketing materials.

Content upskilling with open delivery courses


Delivered over two half-days, scheduled across multiple time zones. This format improves retention and lessens time pressure, particularly on teams joining from one company.


Our modules are built around essential writing, editing, and interview skills. They build an appreciation of technical writing and show how it can be used to benefit any project.


We use everyday examples to show how technical writing can be applied anywhere and take a close look at the most important elements of structure, formatting, punctuation, and more.



Participants leave with new marketable skills and an appreciation of how tech writing can save time and even be fun! Current and future employers benefit from their new abilities.

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