Email Management for Overstretched Technical Communicators

Mar 28, 2019

Email is often the best way to communicate across different countries and time zones, but what happens when the time spent dealing with email overshadows the rest of your workload?

Are you a technical communicator who struggles to get through your daily inbox in a timely manner? Well, you’re not alone. A 2018 survey from Adobe reported that office workers regularly spend over three hours a day just checking emails, and that’s before reading and responding to the content of their inboxes is taken into account.

Email is a vital component of the daily workload of the technical communicator. Due to the nature of remote working and multinational companies, email often becomes the common device to bridge the distance, both chronologically and geographically, between co-workers. And as we are all too aware, the ability to manage time effectively is a fundamental skill of the modern technical communicator.

To help with this, we have distilled all the information that you need to manage your emails into a short slideshow. It includes tips on time management and helpful tools you can use to make sure that an email mountain doesn’t become a landslide.

If you have any more tips for managing your email workload, please let us know in the comments below.



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