TWi Website Launch

Feb 28, 2012

On behalf of the team at TWi, I am thrilled to announce the website launch of Although the company’s been up and running for some time, and we’ve actually been writing website content for our clients, it’s taken us a while to get around to completing our own. Technical writers have a tendency to strive for perfection, which makes them good at their jobs. In this instance however, it just slowed things down. Of course things would’ve been different if we’d had a hard deadline to meet!

So, prior to the website launch, some of you might already be familiar with TWi from our social media presence or personal contact. We’re based in Cork in the Southwest of Ireland, a beautiful part of the world and a great place to do what we do. We deliver outsourced writing, editing, and documentation solutions, mainly to clients who develop software and hi-tech products. Our clients vary in size from large multinationals to high-growth, high-potential SMEs. Some are based in Ireland, others abroad. Our mission is to ensure their products and services are accompanied by excellent written communications that are clear and appropriate for their target audience.

The Rubicon Centre, TWi home at time of the website launch

The Rubicon Centre, Original Home of TWi


Our background is primarily in technical writing and editing. However, because we want to develop strong relationships with our clients and help them get their message right in all of their communications, we offer additional services including training and consulting.

You can find out more about us by taking a look through our website, following our blog, connecting with us on social media, or contacting us directly. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in our services, if you’re an experienced writer who is available for contract work, if you have feedback on our new website, or indeed if you just have an inclination to talk to us.

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