TWi Invited to User Assistance Conference

Apr 25, 2012

UA Europe is an annual conference for technical communicators that focuses on software user assistance and online help. It provides updates on the latest industry trends, technical developments, and best practices in software user assistance. This year, for the first time, the conference is being held in Ireland.

User assistance conference UA Europe

UA Europe Conference

User Assistance

User assistance is another term for technical writing. In fact, our industry uses many different titles to describe itself, including information development, content authoring, technical communication, instructional design, and the list goes on. This ambiguity is a pet peeve of ours, but let’s not get distracted by that right now…

TWi is thrilled to be invited to exhibit and speak at this conference for software user assistance professionals, which is being held in Dublin on June 14 and 15. It’s a great opportunity for us to meet some of the leading figures in our industry and showcase what we’re doing and what’s going on in Ireland generally to those visiting from overseas.

Technical Communication Industry

This ties in nicely with the activities we’ve been undertaking recently to raise awareness of, and get publicity for, our growing industry here in Ireland. For example, we featured in an article in the Irish Examiner, which highlighted the fact that Ireland has the skilled workforce, time zone, and other ingredients needed to excel in the area of technical writing. We were overwhelmed with the response to this article, which was read by people as far away as Canada and Australia.


The organisers of UA Europe have kindly agreed to give contacts of TWi a discount to attend the conference. If you’re interested in availing of this discount, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you in Dublin!

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